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Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch functions as an advanced home security and automation controller, video camera/recorder
and voice enabled system.
You can enjoy easy, fingertip control of Z-Wave® enabled thermostats, lighting and locks—even view and record video—right at
the magnificent, 7" full-color touchscreen. Tuxedo Touch can also respond to simple spoken commands— literally giving your home a
voice and enabling convenient, hands-free operation. You can even control your system on smartphones, tablets and other compatible devices.


Security Made Simple

Icons and words are easy to read, immediately recognizable and highly visible on the bright, crystal clear screen-
making the system ideal for users of any age.
Complete with voice annunciation of alarm conditions. You can personally configure the built-in commands to suit your lifestyle and needs. Your mornings can run more smoothly by saying “Wake Up” and having your shades raise and the heat turned up to the perfect temperature. Ready to turn in for the night? Just say “Bedtime” to arm your security system, turn off your lights, lock your doors and set back your thermostats. Say hello to convenience and peace of mind!


On-Premises Video Viewing and Recording

You can view up to four indoor or outdoor IP cameras around your home on the touchscreen,
smartphones, tablets or televisions.
Record up to two-minute video clips on an SD card—providing you with visual verification of an
alarm event or system activity.
High-resolution 7" color touchscreen provides a great video viewing experience. View a single camera
or up to four at one time.
Supports up to 32 high-resolution IP cameras.


Connect to the Possibilities

With the touch of a finger, your home can come to life. Think you forgot to turn off your outside lights when you’re downstairs watching a movie? Just reach for your smartphone and check. You can keep an eye on your kids when they’re at home through Internet TV from the comfort of your couch. You can also have weather reports delivered right to the screen. The possibilities are endless. The only limitation is your imagination!

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